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This is Boris, my three year old Dutch Shepherd mix. The all white pit bull mix is my wiggle butt Nina. I created this blog to document their progress using force free training as opposed to the outdated and potentially dangerous method of training called compulsion training. I am also a volunteer for Pitty Love Rescue, a pit bull and pit bull mix rescue in Rochester, NY. Pit bulls and Dutch Shepherds are my passion and I am constantly looking to further expand my education on dogs so that I may find new ways to not only strengthen my bond with Boris and Nina, but to better serve the dogs we rescue. I am currently apprenticing as a trainer at Tails of Success and am working towards the goal of obtaining my degree in Psychology with a masters in Ethology.

Here you can find other posts related to bully breeds, Breed Specific/Discriminatory Legislation (known as BSL or BDL), dog training, and general articles on health and other dog related issues.

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Classical conditioning is a great way to introduce new experiences to your dog to help ensure positive association is tacked on to that specific task (like nail cutting or body handling or trying a muzzle for the first time). 

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