Dogs rule everything around me

This is Boris, my three year old Dutch Shepherd mix. The all white pit bull mix is my wiggle butt Nina. I created this blog to document their progress using force free training as opposed to the outdated and potentially dangerous method of training called compulsion training. I am also a volunteer for Pitty Love Rescue, a pit bull and pit bull mix rescue in Rochester, NY. Pit bulls and Dutch Shepherds are my passion and I am constantly looking to further expand my education on dogs so that I may find new ways to not only strengthen my bond with Boris and Nina, but to better serve the dogs we rescue. I am currently apprenticing as a trainer at Tails of Success and am working towards the goal of obtaining my degree in Psychology with a masters in Ethology.

Here you can find other posts related to bully breeds, Breed Specific/Discriminatory Legislation (known as BSL or BDL), dog training, and general articles on health and other dog related issues.

Ways you can support pitbulls and Pitty Love Rescue:
Pitty Love Foster Wishlist
Pitty Love Toy Wishlist
Pitty Love Food/Treat Wishlist
Donate to PLR, this money goes to our emergency fund so that we can provide emergency medical services to our dogs!

Dexter is a four month old pit bull mix Pitty Love Rescue took in around Christmas time. His foster parents were Nina’s foster parents so I offered to babysit him while they are in Boston for a few days.

He is an amazing dog an such a smart little boy. He’s potty trained, crate trained, likes dogs and cats, VERY training savvy… What more could a person ask for? If I wasn’t at my limit for dogs financially he’d be here for good.

Dexter is coming to working with me daily to engage in positive play with dogs and to better socialize him to different environments. He plays a good amount of the day and trains too. He comes home and cuddles and sleeps until morning.

If you are interested and are in the Rochester, NY area please check out to see his profile and put in an application!

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